Sunday, June 26, 2016

say it ain't so

say it ain't so

"They're home already?" It was early yet, but the days were still long. Xander heard noises from next door. But he hated to investigate. He went to make coffee. It wasn't long until Ducky was up to grab a cup.

They were alone now. As soon as Ducky put down his cup of milked coffee to cool, he came up from behind and wrapped his arms around Xander and kissed him on the neck.

"We could have slept in." Ducky told him.

"Yeah, I guess. I wonder what they are doing over at Josie's?" Xander had noticed a few extra cars out.

"Maybe, they're remodeling." Ducky let go.

Xander went to take another look out the livingroom window. People were taking out furniture from the apartment.

"THEY'RE MOVING?" Xander's brow furrowed.

"Maybe they need a bigger place." Ducky sipped his coffee.

Suddenly, Xander felt so bitter. Everything was changing. He wanted to see the baby. He put on his shoes, and grabbed his favorite kimono to put over his gray ribbed tank. He was in his old jeans. He was ready to help.

"Wait." Ducky called after him. He was in his flannel pants, but Xander didn't wait.

"What's going on?" The hot wind whipped Xander's dark hair in his face.

"Oh, its a surprise." A young woman said who was in old jeans and huge sweat shirt and rubber gloves. She'd been cleaning. Xander remembered her from the library.

"I'm Audrey, Henry's sister-in-law." She told him. "His Dad found this house, not long ago. Its not so far from the library. A block or so. Easy for Henry to get too. Anyway, his dad bought it, but he wants Henry and Josie to own it one day. They don't know about it.

"I see." Xander felt himself choking on his words. He was so disappointed, but he understood.

"I'll give, you, the address." She promised him it wasn't far from here. "I'm sure, they'll miss you, too. But the place is big enough for a nursery, and a big back yard."

Xander nodded. He didn't want to cry, but he couldn't help it.


Launna said...

Awe poor Xander... at least Henry and Josie will have a house for the baby, I hope the invite Xander over often ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

OMG I'm so excited for Henry, Josie, and the baby! Xander will learn to live with their move. :)