Thursday, June 30, 2016

at last

at last

Josie was in a pout. It was like her mother to make her so..angry.

She hated this feeling. It was probably giving her high blood pressure. She knew it.

But her mom was so happy to help them. She had the carseat ready in her car, ready to go at the hospital.

"Come on..come on.." She kept coaxing. Didn't they want to go home?

Josie looked at Henry, silently perturbed. Where was their car? Why? Why didn't he think, she could drive? So what if she'd had a baby.

"She wanted to help. It'll be quicker this way." Henry shrugged. Of course, he was bogged down with a backpack and other luggage that multiplied during their stay here.

Josie sighed deeply, wishing she didn't have to go. Her mother would be making over baby Allie. Still, Josie wasn't completely settled on the name, even if Henry tried to convenience her it was a very old name. He'd found it as a popular name back in the 1880's.

She wanted to be bitter and spit out words. I WANT TO BE ALONE WITH THE BABY.

Josie said nothing. She knew this too would pass. She would have to wait a little longer. Still, the idea of going to the apartment pained her. It was a mess. They'd left it in a rush. And she hadn't felt like washing dishes or anything else, lately.

But then..... they didn't go the way home.

"Mom? Are you, lost?" She didn't mean to snap.

"No, silly, I thought we'd go to the library." She beamed.

"The library?" Henry rode on the passenger side. Josie, in the back seat, with a sleeping newborn buckled in the carseat.

Honestly, it was all so tiring. Josie wished she could sleep like a baby.

Camille passed the library, too.

"You, missed the turn, Mom." Josie said ever so dull. WHAT WAS HER MOTHER DOING? Josie was screaming in her mind, but trying her best to be on good behavior.

Camille turned a right and went up..practically a hill and turned right, then around another corner on a street Josie never ever remembered being on. It was making her a tad dizzy.

"We're here!" Camille shouted with joy.

"Where?" Josie and Henry practically said in unison. Josie winced as she stared at the little house.

"Home." Camille got out.

Josie was skeptical. After all, she couldn't quite get the baby out of the seat. Henry unsnapped the seatbelt and took the infant in the carseat.

Her mom ran up the steps as if she might be ready to hand over a Publisher Clearing House Check. Then Henry walked on next. Josie lagged behind.

She wanted to hate it. She did, but she knew she shouldn't. How could she keep herself from hating it?

Audrey opened the door. Aidan stood behind her. Henry's parents and a few more people were gathered in the livingroom.

A smile grew on Josie's face. A tickle of laughter in her throat. Yes, she thought she might like it here.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad to hear the change in Josie's mood. I do wish she would speak to Henry about the baby's name if she's having doubts though. :/


Launna said...

Awe this is awesome, I am so glad she is getting to come home to their new home and with more organization than she left xox