Friday, July 1, 2016

its a new life

it's a new life

There was no way to actually explain it to Irma. Jung had to face facts. As expressive as he was, didn't mean much when you were deaf. Evidently.

Yes, he thought about acting it all out for Irma, about the job at the funeral home, but she'd be horrified and she'd probably make him quit.

Sure, there was the science of it. All though, he hadn't seen that much.

Instead, there was quirky Emmett who ran the place. Mr. Prim and  Mr. Proper..that would be his brother Ellis. It was all a little disconcerting. Naturally, the place was as neat as an establishment could get.

But Ellis acted as if Jung was in the way. That stern look of his stressed Jung to the max. Ellis dressed as the fashion king. Seriously, Jung didn't think Ellis had any personality at all. Other than looking down on him. And he was suppose to be the guy training Jung to be kind to guests. Jung was part of the hospitality team.

Jung knew it would take some time. He would have to get used to the place. And he had to dress up, everyday.

"Its fine." He would do his best to keep Irma calm. Lately, she cried about everything. He wasn't sure, if it was all his doing. Probably hormones from her pregnancy.

Jung went to get the KLONDIKE bars from the freezer. Irma liked the original kind. He was afraid she was on her feet too much, working at the grocery store.

Of course, she carefully nibbled at the ice cream treat as if she only wanted a little of it, but she ate the whole thing.

Jung smiled. Seriously, this tiny person could eat a whole rare rib-eye steak in one sitting. Irma had become Rowdy's number one fan at the grill, who grilled her a burger every morning for breakfast.

Jung thought he could get the hang of this new job. He wanted to be a part of this world too. Irma didn't need to worry about a thing.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad to see Jung content.


Launna said...

Jung seems happy and that is good ...