Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here and back again

Here and Back Again

Where in the world did Macy's life go? She didn't think she'd put it on hold. After all, she was still busy with online high school classes. In fact, she was thinking of college courses now.

It was true, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be. Yet, she knew she wasn't very funny, like Gage always said, about her standup routine. Her life wasn't much different.

Here she was finally home, and someone else had her room.

"Well, we could cleanout that room your father's using for storage." That was all her mom could manage. Macy could see the spite in her eyes.

She didn't really want to be here.

This was all Maxie's fault. He'd told her to go. He didn't need her. She was wasting her time with him.

It hurt so, to hear his blunt words. Her heart was wounded and she couldn't bounce back as if nothing ever happened.

Naturally, she didn't stand around to listen to her mother's scolding. Not even her brother could keep her there and it wasn't enough to see her dad (who she was certain she's already lost, thanks to her mother's brainwashing). She couldn't stay.

"Well, stay with me." Chandler was the first to jump to it when she called him about her awful arrival. "Maybe..maybe.. you just have to have time to..I dunno, get to know your mom, again."

She listened on her cell about how she'd been gone a year, and her mom had Gabby, the foster kid.

"I know." But Macy figured it was her own doing.

Soon enough, she was in his kitchen and he made her his famous Mac and Cheese (really, there wasn't much too it other than Velveeta and a drop of yellow mustard).

She savored every bite of it.

Still, the fact remained of a solid grudge...This whole plight of hers was her mother's fault.

"What about Dustin?" Chandler looked at her, that that must be a plus. After all, she'd left England with him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a confusing time for her - I just don't want to see Chandler get hurt in the end.


Launna said...

Macy needs to take some time off to get to know herself better ....