Saturday, June 18, 2016

oh so green

oh, so green

Ducky pressed his lips tight when Xander told him he had to go. Josie was in labor.

They were at the lake on a breezy summer day with a preschooler and two middle aged women, their moms. They'd survived the zoo a few days ago, but he had Xander to the rescue with Dakota.

"OK." Ducky heard himself say, wishing he could spit nails. Why did he love Xander's ways, yet he hated this sort of behavior, too.

"It'll be OK." Xander kissed him as if he would be remembering Ducky ever second he was away from him.

"God, you're not gonna try to deliver the baby, are you?" Ducky's final words.

Xander smiled as if he would, if they'd only let him. Ducky watched him walk away. Oh, he'd hate for his future to get away from him. Or was it not meant to be?

Xander left in his neon green SOL.

It wasn't long after, Xander's half brother showed up with a girl.

"Where's Xander?" Simon wanted to know.

"He went to get some clothes for the neighbor." About that time, Dakota clenched his narrow leg and hung on.

"Who's that?" Simon asked.

"The other neighbor's kid." Ducky muttered. He gritted and looked down at the little girl. Her hair was such a mess. She grinned so big as she did her best to climb up him. Next thing he knew, he was holding her.

"What's she doing here?" Simon went on to ask as they walked toward the lunch boxes of food.

"Something ..your brother.." He sighed. Ducky knew he wasn't nearly as nice as Xander. "He..he wanted to help out her grandmother."

It bothered Ducky, who wanted to embrace the situation. Only, he didn't know how. Even if Dakota took to him, Before he knew it, he sat her down to braid her hair

This was not the way he wanted to spend his day off, but here he was introducing Simon around, who was with a girl named Bree.


Launna said...

Ducky needs to lighten up a little...;-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Ducky would be more flexible when plans change. :/