Thursday, June 16, 2016

once upon a time

Once upon a time

Josie guessed the new girl was here (in the neck of time) to take over at the Campus Coffee shop. It had been a long time since Josie had seen Macy. It didn't don on Josie that Macy used to be Gage's girlfriend.

After all, Josie had been having these pains in her back, from time to time. Were they two minutes apart? Sometimes, they were, sometimes they weren't.

Willow(co-owner with her husband Jules) was on vacation. There wasn't that many customers, anyway. Jules was at the back in the alley kitchen.

"It'll be slow. Not that much summer activity." Josie shrugged. She barely noticed when the summer session started.

Macy was friendly enough. She looked capable. Yet, she'd kept the small talk very short. Macy didn't talk about London, at all.

It was so quiet. And then two strolled in with an empty stroller. One was with an infant. He was barely a month old.

They ordered cold drinks. It was a chance to show Macy how the frappcinos were made. The one with the baby wanted a mixed berry smoothie.

She then started talking about how she needed plenty of fruit and veggies since she was breast-feeding.

Josie nodded, thinking she should remember this. She watched the girl with the baby. Suddenly, Josie wanted to be that way with her own baby.

Josie never remembered being that way with her first baby. She'd been a bundle of nerves, but this girl was so relaxed, and she talked to him. Held him as if he was her little man. There was a certain bond that was so natural.

Josie thought she was about to cry. Suddenly, out a nowhere a rush of water came. Josie was the last to know that it came from her own body.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The time is now for Josie!


Launna said...

Yay finally Josie is going to have her baby, I can't wait to see how Henry is... I am excited, I like these two xox