Wednesday, June 15, 2016

little sorrows

little sorrows

Macy only lasted the weekend with Chandler. As much fun as it was with Chandler and Oz, Macy was glad Charlie called. Naturally, she was at Barry and Charlie's in a heartbeat.

It was like coming home. Charlie was like a big sister she never had. And they could really have a heart to heart talk.

Still, Charlie wasn't giving up on Macy's mother.

"Maybe, you two, are too much alike." She decided.

"I don't see it." Macy informed her. 

Charlie told her she was being stubborn. Macy rolled her eyes, at that. 

Then they started talking about looking for a job.

"You, could come back to the deli." Charlie smiled. "Maybe the bakery." Since she was familiar with baked goods.

"I don't think so." Macy shook her head. "Gage is still at the grocery store, isn't he?"

Charlie nodded. 

Macy shook her head, no. She couldn't bare the thought of seeing him. Perhaps that was why she'd stayed away so long. She didn't know what she might do, if she saw him. She wanted to hate him so much. She did hate him, didn't she?

At the moment, she wasn't so sure. She sat on the bed in the basement room with Charlie who had put the room together, with her in mind. 

Macy needed a fresh start. She didn't want to worry about Gage, nor Dustin nor anyone else in the past. 

This was a place she could lay her head, even a desk where she could write. Macy smiled...maybe she could even think about art, again. She'd enjoyed it while going to school, but she'd never had much faith in what she did. Maybe she needed to change that.


Launna said...

I hope things go well for Macy... unfortunately you cannot outrun your past, she will have to face it eventually

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to a fresh start for Macy - I do hope things work out for her!