Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Where the real memories are

where the real memories are

Xander knew it might have been an escape. Finding Dakota. But...he was so glad to know her.

Yes, it was a total shock to find out Joey was somebody's father. Why hadn't anyone told him? But there was Nadine, Joey's mom..so overwhelmed with Joey's treatment plan.  Would she ever get back to her own life?

He listened to it plenty. Possibly to drown out his own problems.

Everyone, in his family was upset that Su-Ra was here.  His dad did not want to see her, while his step-mother wanted answers. It was all so bitter. Xander sided with his dad.

"What's done is done." Xander told his step-mom it was time to move forward, not dwell on how it all happened ... how he grew up in Korea.

Strangely, in his own mind, sometimes he thought of himself trapped in a car with a dying mother and Su-Ra came along and saved him, but it was too late for his biological mother. It was an epic thriller of a movie.

But his dad shed more clarity. Finally.

1. He'd been a soldier. Stationed in Korea.

2. His mother came with Xander to visit.

Evidently, that was the end of everything. He didn't believe Xander was his.

"I saw you, for about 30 seconds." His father told him, ever so cold. "You, might have been three months old. And..and..she left. I didn't see you nor her, after that." It wasn't until later, when he got back to the states that he'd read in the paper she'd been killed in a car wreck."

Xander wished now that he'd never met his father and his family. Now as he looked to a preschooler named Dakota, he wanted her to have fond memories of her own father.

Still, deep inside, was he telling her lies too? Had Su-Ra told him fake memories, as well?

Now, he wanted to have a pleasant summer. Perhaps a little water-colored. He knew what Ducky wanted. He wanted to discuss plans of moving on with their life. Xander wanted that happiness, too.

"But it'll just be for the day." Xander expressed that Su-Ra loved children to Ducky, who was hesitant to have Dakota out with them.

 Su-Ra was the mom he only knew.


Launna said...

I'm sad for Xander, it's so emotional to meet a parent you haven't seen and then to be treated like that... :-(

Liza said...

With all that background knowledge, I kind of understand now why Xander acts the way he does. I could also imagine that he as well has a problem with comitting to a relationship, because he has lost important people in his life.. so maybe that is another reason why he likes to focus more on other peoples problems than on himself... just some thoughts I had..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel so bad for Xander - his upbringing really makes his current behaviors more understandable.