Monday, June 13, 2016

the thing is

the thing is

" can't do this." Ducky looked at Xander point blank.

Here they were, ready for a picnic at the zoo with his mother and Xander's Korean mother, too. And there he was, with this kid.

"Dakota wants to go to the zoo." Xander told him that her grandmother was fine with it. He'd stayed with Dakota a couple of evenings while Ducky was at work.

Ducky looked at Xander, hugging himself hard. "This is the worst idea yet." But he couldn't raise his voice. He couldn't shout about it. " a time..for you and me talk things out with your mom and my mom." Ducky didn't care if he ever got in good with those American parents of Xander's. He winced hard. "We can't talk in Korean if we're around her, all day."

Of course, he'd said most of what he'd just said in Korean, already.

Xander gave him a look that it would be OK.

"I doubt she minds." He smiled and showed him he'd taught Dakota "Yes" and "No" already in Korean.

Ducky sighed a deep breath.

What did this really mean? He'd talked about this with Xander before. How he needed to stay away from Joey's life. But here he was, friendly with Joey's mother. And now Joey's daughter.

Ducky didn't want to fret, but didn't Xander SEE? Xander was important to Ducky.  Or was it, he wanted Xander all to himself?


Launna said...

Ducky needs to relax, Xander will be there for him...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ducky needs to chill - Xander loves him.