Monday, June 20, 2016

This is really happening

This is really happening

While Henry was changing, Josie thought it was a good time to bring her mother closer.

"What do you need?" Her mother asked.

"You, have to be good to Henry." Josie was stern as she held on to her mother's hand tightly. "You ,must be nice. I won't have you here, if you aren't."

Her mother's frown was small.

"What are you talking about?" Her voice almost took over the room.

"You ..know what it is. I love him. He loves me. ..and..and we love our baby. I want you to love that baby too..but..but...but..if you keep putting him down..then..then..just stay away." Josie felt she had to say it. A part of her, didn't want her mother to be here.

She hated to feel this way. Maybe she was remembering too much, of how it used to be. How her mother left. How she came back, when she found out she was pregnant the first time.

Of course, when the doctor came in, and asked everyone to leave for her checkup of how far she was dilated (Only Henry could stay), she mentioned this was Josie's third pregnancy, but her second full term. Josie felt herself weep. She was full of sorrow, thinking how stupid she'd been. Not even knowing she was pregnant last summer in England.

"Lets try the exercise ball, again." The doctor told her this time to lean over the ball. Of course, the ball was too big for her on the bed. The nurse got a medium size one.

It felt good for a moment. Her back felt so weak.

"Its all good." Henry was upbeat.

She managed a smile as her body leaned over the ball.

His mother came back and so did Camille. Henry's brother and his wife brought some things for the baby.

Josie couldn't say she felt good, but not bad. Maybe the exercise ball was helping. She could hear the echo of the baby's heart. But then the computer monitor, suddenly went to some advertisement about the hospital.

Josie winced, wondering what that meant.

"You, need to get back in the bed. You're stressing the baby. She evidently, doesn't like the exercise ball." The nurse told her.

Suddenly, there was a certain clarity that existed. Would the baby ever get here?


Launna said...

This is tense, I just want Josie and Henry to have a healthy baby... they are so cute together ♡♡♡xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope the baby's okay. :/