Thursday, June 2, 2016

trouble brewing

What's to discuss?

"Oh... my God, he's so adorable." Carly grinned from ear to ear. "I'd even have his baby."

She handed over a vanilla shake to Irma, who looked at her blankly. Luckily, Jung was looking in the opposite direction.

"He does read lips, you know." Irma said rather sarcastically.

"Of course, he does." Carly gave her 'AM I BAD' look, then nursed her bottom lip. Evidently, everything was boring these days at the Quick Burger. "Sorry," she whispered, but then clarified he was an absolute keeper and not to worry because she was never going to have a baby.

Irma looked at Jung, who seemed a bit out of his element. He was so somber, lately. She thought about him working here. But what could he do? Be a janitor?

She hated thinking this way. Jung took the tray to the dining area, and she followed with their drinks.

His mother had mentioned that a friend of hers ran a funeral home.

This didn't set well with Irma.

Jung working at a funeral home. It grieved her so.

"Just tell her NO." Irma found her self signing.

"Who?" He looked at Irma as if he didn't get what she meant.

Irma gritted. She signed out his mother's name and then funeral home. "TELL THEM NO?"

"Why?" he motioned back. As usual, he made her work with all the signing while he did very little at all.

"Because." She looked at him blankly. She wanted to see him do something he loved to do. "Dead people." She signed.

He only smiled. Jung told her doctors worked on dead people before they got a chance with the live ones.


Launna said...

Carly is flirty but Irma shouldn't worry

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Irma's relationship is safe.