Friday, June 3, 2016

Here I am

here I am

Omaha hated to think of the look that was probably on his face when he saw her at the baby shower.

It had been so long since he'd seen her. And he knew he was full of sadness, because she was a reminder of what he'd lost.

Even now he blinked tears when he thought of the moment when Camille asked him how his mother was doing. All he could manage was "Fine." And that barely came out, above a whisper. He didn't say much more. It was not the time to tell her that his mother passed away. Maybe if she'd had better doctors, he thought now.

But as he watched her smile, he suddenly remembered how his mother laughed with her. They were good friends.

Of course, Camille was a teacher at the elementary school back then and his mother Alma was a janitor. Funny, to think those two could be friends, but they were, and one summer he stayed with Camille while his folks were trying to work things out.

It felt weird now that he didn't remember Josie.

There was a chuckle deep inside him, that surfaced. She'd made him play Barbies. He'd told her he didn't want to be Ken... he wanted to be Tarzan, or maybe the kid from the Jungle Book.

He looked around the basement where he was going to move, at Taylor's. He still hadn't got a bed yet.

"What's so funny?" Taylor said from the stairwell. "Haven't you measured the space yet?"

"What's the point? Its just a bed." Omaha pressed his lips tight.

"Hey, we are getting you a bed. Its an investment. Don't you forget it." Taylor went back up to the kitchen.

"You, gotta think bachelor pad. Don't you want to impress that girl of yours?" Taylor then asked.

Omaha made a face of disgust, as he winced.

Just then, he heard the door bell. And he heard a female voice. Next thing he knew Sheena and Taylor were coming down the stairs.

"I thought she could help with the bed and your room."

It looked like a dungeon at the moment. Omaha was mute on the subject, but he did wonder what Sheena would do with a bare brick room like this?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm excited to see the decor process!


Sara-h Jane said...

I hope they manage to help him out!

Launna said...

I'm sure she will help him make it feel like home ...