Tuesday, July 5, 2016

in a corn field

in a corn field

Dustin was getting to know his way around. Still, he felt a little lost. and this class in gardening was all about growing airloom vegetables. Yet, there was corn de-tassling to do and learn about modern corn crops.

That's where he met Holly, a Danish girl. He supposed. Although, he didn't detect much of an accent. And she didn't look a thing like the girl in the movie. Dustin almost brought it up. Thank God, he didn't. Holly would have probably smacked him.

It was best to do as he was told. The fields were so far out and the heat and humidity almost took a toll on him. But there was Holly to lead the way. And maybe she was the magnet he needed to get through the days ahead.

Yes, she did make the day a bit easier.

And there she was on the Fourth with some girls from the dorm. He ended up sitting with them in back of a pickup-truck, having a few beers.

Really, the conversations he could barely hear. Yes, like a dufus, he smiled at her. She smiled back.

The next thing he knew, at six in the morning, he'd fallen asleep with her in his arms in the back of the pickup truck. Dustin didn't know where they were.

It was hot and humid, already. They might as well have been in a bloody cornfield, he thought.

Well, at least they had their clothes on.

He felt the bumps across the back of his neck. Mosquitos. He squirmed is disgust. This woke Holly.

She looked up at him, who was trying to estimate how far they might be from the city.

"What?" She winced.

"Do you know, where we are?" He asked, hoping she could share a little ingenuity.

She looked a bit peeved.

He would have been urinating somewhere already. Except.

He nursed him bottom lip, hoping she didn't notice what was in his pants.

"Seriously, nothing happen." He promised. "Just..just one of those morning things." He told her, thinking he'd said too much.

She looked in the cab window.

"Where did they go too?" She questioned.


"Freddie and her girlfriend." She was even lipped.

Dustin wondered if she was in a Sorority he didn't know the name of. He was probably not her kind, in the least.

She got out of the back of the truck so gracefully. Dustin couldn't move.

The door was unlocked. She found some keys in the glove compartment.

"Well, come on." She'd drive them out of here.

He got in, the passenger seat.

Soon enough the pickup truck rattled down the dirt-road, just to cross another one, between fields.

"Now what?" He was quickly bug-eyed about their predicament.

"Can't you look it up?" After all, he was the one with the smart phone.

"Oh." His stomach grumbled.

"Do you need a pee?" She looked at him, as if he'd groan.

"No." He wanted to promise. When she spoke of it, he knew he must. "Yes."

She stopped the truck.

He hesitated, handing her the phone as he got out to do his business, behind the open pick-up door.

"Don't..don't leave me," He said.

She smiled with a chuckle as she found a map on his phone.

"How about pancakes?" She kept her eyes on the road.

"All right." That sounded hopeful.

She showed him a dot to a rural town.


Launna said...

Dustin in funny... I wonder where the other two went...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Curious to know where the other two disappeared to; but excited to see how these two bond on their own!