Wednesday, July 6, 2016

no hurry here

no hurry here

They come up from Kansas for the weekend Fourth. Jin wasn't sure what to expect.

His mom had been bugging him for quite awhile, to drive up and spend sometime with THEM. Meaning, the new man in her life, who was nothing like Jin's dad. Maybe that's why he'd put it off.

Of course, Chad told Jin .. he was too much like his dad, evidently. Before Jin knew it, his friend had him talked into going. Chad had enough room for the four of them.

Yes, he'd been put on the spot with Abby. After all, Chad found someone new to bother. Evidently, it had turned into something.

Jin was a ball of nerves. It didn't take long to map-quest their way. And after he got there, he still wasn't sure how the set up would be. Also there was Jung and his girlfriend Irma, who was starting to show her baby bum.

For the first time, Jin really envied his brother. Jin was older, he was suppose to be the one showing the way of the family line. In spite of those old days past where the whole family lived together and got on each others nerves most of the time, he was starting to miss his deaf brother Jung.

Rowdy's place was full of joy and laughter around the grill. In fact, another woman lived there too. Rowdy's brother had an ex-wife, who Jin supposed was a step-mother of some sort. But she worked at the hospital too. She was the one who introduced his mother to Rowdy.

"You, should visit your mother more." Abby told him, who didn't mind bunking with Chad's flavor of the week, Gina.

Jin said maybe the two of them could come alone, next time. After all, Chad and Gina were loud, where ever they were. Fussing was their second nature. Of course, they always made up.

The last night, Jin slept with Abby in the livingroom while Chad and Gina took the guestroom.

It was the first Fourth that Jin didn't study through. Although, he felt a little guilty, after all, he wanted to be a doctor. Still, he wanted a future like his little brother. And maybe if he was lucky, he could find it with Abby.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Jin finds happiness. I'm glad that he took a little time for himself for the 4th!


Launna said...

Jin deserves a little happiness...