Thursday, July 7, 2016

Odd Girl Out

odd girl out

One thing for certain, Macy knew Draco was a good dad.

It had felt a little lonely, she guessed during the Fourth.

At first, she couldn't figure out if Draco was trying to come on to her, or just being funny. However, he did know a lot about art. And she liked going to the museum with him. After all, he knew all the back ways and secrets of the place. Also, it was fun hanging out in the basement, helping with the different workshops. Most were with little kids, but there were middle schoolers. as well as high school students who participated in the workshops.

It was a good feeling to see how he could spark creativity. He didn't mind getting messy, either. Before she knew it, laughter took over the room.

Yes, it was a different kind of summer, but the night of the fireworks, she was afraid someone was coupling folks.

There was Charlie and Barry and his cousin Scott and Essie. Before long, Carson showed up with his wife and a little one too. So many kids. She dreaded to meet Gage's brother Carson. Yet, he was low-key. He hardly noticed she was there. Still, he was friendly enough.

Macy knew any moment, Gage would show up with his little son and Halie. Honestly, she felt the odd one out.

And then....

Draco showed up. right before the fireworks.

Maybe..maybe it was a sign of some kind, but then a few minutes later, there was a guy.

Macy thought she'd stumble and fall unconscious.

Was it true? Draco had a boyfriend?

Although, it wasn't long that Lily took his hands and danced him about as if she was the real reason why he was here.

"Oh yeah, I thought you might like to meet Smed." Draco introduced her to an art major from the university.

Macy pressed a smile. Unsure, she could possibly get excited. After all, didn't those art majors have such an ego?

"He was gone, when you came that Saturday to the museum. Usually, Smed is always there. He's minoring in Early Childhood Development." Draco told her.

"Oh." Macy could barely croak. There was just something about those dark eyes of his. Where was he from?

"Smed was born in London." Draco was just full of information. Why did he have to tell her that, she thought.

Smed cracked a laughed.

She waited to hear his English accent. Before she could tell him that she'd lived there a year. "I only lived in London when I was baby."

Still, she didn't care. There was something about him, worth knowing.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I'm excited to see how they engage with one another!


Launna said...

Oh this sounds interesting... I can't wait to see how it progresses