Friday, July 8, 2016

its one of those kind of summers

its one of those kind of summers

Dewey spent most of his Saturdays with Angie, working at the Farmer's market. In early June the mornings were so fresh and new, even as people gathered with strollers and dogs on leashes. As the days grew longer and practically July, it was a scorcher. Still Angie looked amazing in whatever she wore.

Dewey couldn't help but smile. It really felt he was a part of something. He'd get a hundred dollars by the end of the weekend. It wasn't a bad gig to sell pastries and scones that way. Summer did have its benefits.

And then one day he looked up and saw his oldest sister with an Asian guy.

"Where have you been?" He hadn't seen her, this summer.

"I could ask you the same question?" She told him he was last person she thought she'd ever see at a Farmer's market.

Dewey on shrugged. It was best if she got the last insult. It was her nature to be a little snide to him. He knew she never really cared for him. They'd always stayed out of each others way. So he didn't ask what she was doing with that guy.

"Don't you..ever come around to see Brick, anymore?" Dewey squinted.

"I'm on a vacay, if you haven't noticed." She took her scones.

"Oh." It bothered him, that she didn't even ask about Brick. He watched her go in her little sundress that barely hit her thighs.

"So, what's going on with your Mom?" Dewey asked later when he was drying the dinner dishes, while Brick was scrubbing on a pot.

"Huh?" He looked at him as if he'd forgotten he had one.

"She was at the farmer's market today." Dewey told him. She was with this..guy.

"Oh, she calls, every couple of days or so." Brick told him it was OK. "She's staying with him for summer, I guess."

"Just the summer?" Dewey winced with concern.

"That's what she said. I met him once." Brick nodded. "Irwin. Kind of a funny name. But he's a teacher. She says they used to go to school together. Evidently, she had a crush on him back in high school, but she forgot. she's..just trying to get to know him."

"Get to know him?" Dewey shook his head, sounded like a nice way of saying she was shacking up with him. Dewey sighed. "You're OK? With that?"

"Let's just say, things are a whole lot quieter with her out of here and Granny doing her own thing at Britany's apartment." Brick looked at him as if was really an old soul at heart.

Dewey smiled. He'd noticed that too.

But still, deep down, Brick had to miss his mom. Didn't he, thought Dewey. Of course, Dewey cried several times, at night, wondering what his own mother was doing.

Yeah, he'd probably always be a Momma's boy, yet he certainly couldn't let her know it.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, my heart is breaking for Dewey - I wish he could reconnect with his mom.


Launna said...

Unfortunately not everyone feels about their mother like Dewey does... I do hope he gets to see her again...