Sunday, July 24, 2016

it could be out there

it could be out there

Macy was so glad that Smed was awesomely distracting. Other wise, she'd be listening to Charlie talk about the wedding party. They'd all met up at the park on the 4th. Somehow, Macy got away with Smed.

They'd watched the fireworks and ended up having pie at an all night diner. He was easy to talk too. Although, she felt as if she'd done all the talking.

He'd asked her what inspired her. She wondered now if she'd told him the correct answer. She said PEOPLE. She thought he'd smiled.

Still, he hadn't called since, and yes it was getting rather lonely at Charlie's, even if Draco showed up on Friday and Sunday night dinners.

He seemed to only have time for his daughter Lily. Yes, she envied Lily. It hurt to think her own Dad couldn't be a little like that. As usual, her mother had him wrapped around her little finger.

No, she was still on her own at the Campus Coffee Shop, and then Josie showed up with her baby.

"Why are you here?" Macy thought it was a little too early to see her with the baby. Of course, she hadn't gone to see the baby. Actually, infants scared her. Maybe it was the thought of being a mother one day. She really could never see that happening.

"Oh, Henry wanted to know, if I could make it here and back." She sounded to be in a huff. Her hair was still damp and she wasn't wearing makeup. She struggled with the infant seat.

Macy went to get her a cup of coffee.

Finally, Macy went to look at the slumbering baby.

"You, want to hold her?" Josie offered.

"No." Macy said quickly enough. Had she ever held a baby? Macy was certain she wouldn't like it. But what if she did? She did her best to smile. Deep down, Macy hated the thought, wondering of the possibility of being pregnant.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm sure Macy would be great with kids!


Launna said...

I am glad Josie made it out, I think she needed this... I am sure Macy would be great with her own baby ....