Saturday, July 23, 2016

past the breaking point

past the breaking point

"Do you think I'm awful?" Henry found himself asking Mae who was tinkering with the hard drive at his desk. Henry told her he was so scared. "What if..What if the baby had suffocated? Right there, in our bed? Did I overreact?" He watched her plug in the equipment. Of course, it wasn't long until Ben got on his knees to plug in everything below the desk.

"Its hard to say." Mae looked up at him from his swivel desk chair. "Did you, scream?" She practically winked with disgust.

Henry only sighed as he hugged himself harder, wondering if Josie was suffering her days away.

"I think, she should go back to work." He guessed that sounded awful, too. It was true, life had changed having a baby, and he knew he'd share Josie with Allie. Although...sometimes, he felt as if he had no say about any of the baby care.

" know, how expensive Day Care is?" Mae told him, she was glad Ben's mother could help.
"Especially, this summer." She started talking about the house and how much money they'd spent on the little things, like a commode and a new hot water heater. "It all adds up."

Henry nursed his bottom lip.

"Its suppose to be practically free on Campus." Henry didn't see any worry there.

"Well, you better check in to that? Sounds too good to be true." Mae informed him about the disposable diapers and the formula. "It all adds up."

Henry closed his eyes with a sigh. He couldn't let it get to him. This was no time to panic.

He went on with his reports that he'd already ran from his awful printer that worked occasionally, when prayed too.

Henry hoped Mae could fix it.

He knew now, he'd probably only made things worse with Josie.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm sure Josie will forgive him.


Launna said...

Josie is understanding... and I think Henry will make a good father, it takes time ...