Wednesday, July 20, 2016

its in the smile

its in the smile

Holly wouldn't dare say she had Dustin figured out. Maybe, she'd decided she didn't want to figure him out. Besides, he was a good laugh, just watching him.

It wasn't that she was making fun of him and his slow walk or his calmness settling through the day. No, it was more like watching her favorite puppy grow up, before her eyes. Maybe, that's what Dustin was doing.

Honestly, she'd never known anyone to listen to her, so closely likely Dustin.

They did spend a lot of time together. First thing in the morning was breakfast at the cafeteria. Although, she thought he might eat like an Irishman. everything right off the knife. But then she noticed he was only awkward.

His stiff walk. Shoulders a bit slouched. Once he got into the rhythm of work, he was a delight. Yes, he was her sunshine, but she wouldn't dare let him know.

Finally, one day she walked all the way to the boarding house with him. It was good to be off campus.

She thought he was more free than her.

Like now, she was sitting around watching a pizza grow cold while the girls from the dorm were giggling at this so called hunk from the band they'd gone to see, a couple of nights ago.

Holly nursed her dark beer as if it might be a rootbeer. She had nothing to say to this Keith. Why were they trying to fool this pretty boy? Most of the girls at the round table would rather be with a girl, anyhow.

And he seemed to be singling her out. Asking so many questions about her country and all.

She tilted her head to act if she was listening. But she really wasn't.

No, she was almost dizzy thinking how it might be. In bed..with Dustin.

She laughed softly. Unaware, this Keith was actually watching her. Yet, deep down..she knew he was.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm interested to see if something develops between her and Keith.


Launna said...

Keith is an interesting thought for her... I wonder about Dustin too..