Sunday, July 10, 2016

the long summer

the very long summer

Rosie didn't want to go to Derrick's.

She left the house before she could listen to Derrick and Max argue over her, during the 4th.

Yes, her dad was a truck-driver now and the only mom she'd ever really known took off to Chicago.

It was all so temporary. But it felt permanent to her.

There was room at Max and Daisy's. However, they lived with Daisy's dad. And yes, they were busy with the diner, and Daisy worked at a department store. She was a buyer.  And Rosie could help with their baby, Mandy.

Of course, Derrick reminded her of his own little girl. Didn't she want to help with Asia?

This meant, she'd have to share a room with a toddler.

What else could she say? She really liked, having her own room, even if it was in the attic. Yes, she supposed she was selfish that way, but she'd lost so much. Unsure if her parents were splitting or was it a summer vacation?

Really, why couldn't Derrick leave things alone?

So, she'd went off by herself on the 4th, not even thinking to bring her phone.

If only she had her phone, she might be texting that kid she met at the neighborhood park.

She sighed now, thinking how horrible it might have been if she'd gone off with those older guys. She didn't want to think about it. She better do what ever Max asked. At least.

She'd make sure to be a good guest this summer.

Rosie, grabbed a Trixie Beldon mystery from a box Max brought from the basement, of her mother's things. She fell back on the pink comforter and opened the book. The name inside was unfamiliar to her. It wasn't her mother's name. Yet there was the name Rose Mary who she'd been named after.

Rosie set up, looking at the old scribble in pencil. These were her grand- mother's books.

At first, she had no interest in reading something so old. She was going to dig in that box until she found some of her mother's books, but as she started the first page, it caught her interest.

Rosie guessed she would visit Derrick and his family, but there was only so much she could take of her Uncle.

She loved him, but she didn't know if she would... if she had to live with him.

He talked so much and never really had anything to say.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Living with someone comes with the LOVE territory. :/


Launna said...

It's not easy to live with others... it takes a lot of give and take ...