Monday, July 11, 2016

the summer is just too hot

the summer is just too hot

Angie didn't think anything out of the ordinary was going on. She didn't want anything to happen.

But, she didn't think she was full of herself...Although that guy, her friend Syreeta used to date... Keith. Was back. At the farmer's market.

Actually, he was the competition. And she wasn't going to give him the time of day. But...

he'd caught her off guard.

From a distance, he reminded her of  her old beau, Sawyer.

No way, did she want to go down that road. Besides, she liked having Dewey around. It was hard to say if they were more than friends.

It would take some time. Sometimes, she thought they must be more than friends. His smile. That sincerity.

She felt comfortable with him. Maybe too comfortable.

And then Keith showed up at the farmer's market with a ticket to one of his concerts.

"You know, you want to go." His smile was a million bucks, or maybe he was only a slacker.

"Where..where is it?" Of course, she was looking for Dewey who was back at the truck getting something. She knew she didn't have time for this. As it was, she didn't have a way to go, anyway.

He told her it was in the old market district.

"You'll like it. And..and you can come back stage..after.."

Angie didn't want to listen. All the while, he was making her nervous. What did he really want from her?

"I know your story with Syreeta." Angie felt the need to tell him.

"What did she say?" Keith put her on the spot.

Angie shook her head, no. And gave him back the ticket. She'd never ever go out with a guy as old as Keith. It would be bad news. Her brother would say NO. The list went on and on in her head. College guys were off limits.

That was two weeks ago when she last saw him. But he kept smiling. That irresistible smile of his was sadly something she longed for.

It was even irresistible now. At her door.

She couldn't believe it. How had he found out where she lived?

Angie slammed the door in his face and ran upstairs. She needed Dewey now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Angie would think it through a bit more.


Launna said...

I think Angie should take some time ... I kind of agree she shouldn't date someone too old... the mama coming out in me