Sunday, August 14, 2016

here and back again

here and back again

Gun didn't want to come. However, Xander's mother talked him into it. She'd remembered him from the old days, when they were little.

"You, always took care of him." Her smile always assured him he'd be family, especially back in Seoul.

So he came with Cara. Gun was working for her father now. It had only been a few weeks. Oddly, he'd met Xander's mother his last day of work and he couldn't forget the wedding date, even if he wanted too.

A part of him felt he was right back where he started. Life was a lot like what he would have married into, at home. But he'd ran away then. Thinking now, it was all Xander's fault.

Still, he couldn't say who followed who. Maybe neither did. It was only an accident, they'd found each other, last September. It couldn't be fate. He didn't believe in it.

He looked at Cara now, who held his hand. She smiled back, as if this was where they were meant to be. Soon enough, the rain hit. They ran for cover. It wasn't long until it was a party inside.

Mainly, finger foods, cupcakes and soft drinks.

There was a line to shake hands with the couple and their families. Gun stayed back, thinking he really didn't want to go through this, but of course, Cara made him.

"We're having a September wedding." Cara spoke up first, as if Xander and Ducky were invited. Of course, Gun said nothing. She went on to tell Xander about Gun's job. "He's not a fry cook, anymore."

Gun sighed wishing she wouldn't elaborate. He knew he couldn't stay with his niece Daisy and her family. Besides, it was growing with extra company and another baby on the way. Of course, Gun and Cara were starting a family of their own, too. They hadn't told anyone. He squeezed her hand. He didn't want her to say anything more.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Gun wouldn't be so secretive about things. :/


Launna said...

I think Gun should be more open...