Monday, August 15, 2016

Today's the day

Between the books

Joey was staying to himself. far from Darius. It had been a week since he'd seen him. But today Darius was back with the group.

Darius got in a fight.

Joey kept his head down on the bus. Hopefully, Darius wouldn't decide to beat him up, too. What was going on with him?

Luckily, Joey had the Young Adult area, all to himself. Everyone, in his group loved the Computer Lab.

He didn't care to know what that was about. He thumbed through the DareDevil series and put each book back, where it belonged on the shelf. Of course, he looked to see if anyone was watching him.

He never knew when imaginary Chelsea might show up. Sadly, he was forgetting her face. He thought he should be thinking of Dakota. Maybe if he made a list of new books in the children's area, he would have something to talk to her about. If only, they could meet here, some time, alone. But she might have gone back to Minnesota. Another thing, to be sad about.

His throat was parched. He was certain he'd either sneeze or breakdown crying. He closed his eyes for a second, thinking he might escape this place all together.

"He's right over there." He heard a female voice say.

Joey opened his eyes, slightly shaking they might frisk him, bring him face to face with the dark plush carpet.

It was that young woman, who worked here, with some man in a suit.

"He would do a great job." She said. "He's even alphabetized the movies for me."

Joey tried not to be wild-eyed. What was going on?

"Would, you like to volunteer here?" The man asked. She informed Joey, the man was the library director. "Vada thinks you'd be perfect. And your counselor tells me, you used to work for a soda pop company, and you had to make sure drinks were where they were suppose to be."

Joey only nodded, but he'd been working for a beer distributor, as of late, doing the same thing in grocery stores, making sure the shelf life was up to date.

"If you can get this down, being a shelver, maybe we could pay you, by next month." He mentioned someone was leaving.

Joey wasn't sure to laugh or cry. He shook the director's hand and Vada's hand, too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so excited for Joey right now!


Launna said...

I think Joey really needed a little good news... I am glad Vada is helping him out...