Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Catching Up

catching up

Betty had so much to tell Draco's mother, Doris. She finally got around to seeing her. Actually, she picked her up and they went out to lunch, since Doris didn't drive, anymore.

"What is up with that?" Granted, she didn't know all of Doris' illnesses, but what she did know of her, she'd always thought Doris was in better health, than anyone.

"Peripheral." Doris was straight lipped about it. "Its always been there, but its gotten worse, as of late."

"Couldn't you have an operation, or something?" Betty knew a lot of people who got eye surgery where she worked.

"It doesn't work that way." Doris told her, "But I'm really fine, unless I bump into things."

"Well, I should have called you more. I should have been a better friend." Betty couldn't help to be teary-eyed about it. "After all, you're the first real friend I had, when I moved here."

"You, were only a child back then." Doris remembered.

"And married." Betty couldn't remember the last time that happened. Tiffany's father and Doris' husband were partners back then, when the police station was much smaller. Everyone, knew everyone back then. Back then there were back yard BBQs, every weekend. "I doubt Tiffany even remembers your boys. I know, Brittany wouldn't."

"Nico, might remember." Doris sighed.

"I keep wondering how my life might have been, if..if I'd never had to live with my father's family." Betty shook her head. "I'd probably be a nun about now." She thought of her peaceful childhood at her Grandmother's, but that changed when she was 14.

Doris only chuckled.

"I know I got married too soon, but it was the only way, I knew to get away from my step-mother. Then it didn't last all that long with Jerry." Betty knew she didn't need to rehash her torrid past. "You know, it was Brittany's father, I probably loved the most." She shook her head, thinking it over. "But it was going to last with Dewey's dad. It almost did, And then he got shot."

"What is it with you and police officers?" Doris' smile was open. She took Betty's hand, as if she didn't really mean to joke. "But look at you, you're looking great. What's your secret?"

About then, the lunch salads came.

"Well, I've decided to start acting." Betty was proud that she would be staring in the local production of the RED QUEEN. "You know, when Brittany wanted us to trade places, I wasn't sure what to do with myself." Betty sighed. "Of course, I found the local bar. Even met a guy, practically drunk. He even wanted me to pose as his wife. Didn't want his son to think he was a total loser, when he went to visit his first grandchild, but I walked away. Haven't been back to that bar, since, And only two doors down, was the Old Towne Little Theater and they were having auditions. They said I was perfect for  the part." Betty smiled, thinking maybe it was theater that saved her, after all.


Launna said...

I am glad Betty found the theater to fill her life... it looks like it is for the good...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Betty is an intriguing character.