Wednesday, August 17, 2016

over the summer

over the summer

A lot had happened since Roman and Suzanne's trip to England. And he thought that might be an all summer thing.

But there was life back home at the theater. And they were both busy.

Suzanne took the bulk of the production. Thank God, she was good with numbers. And she also took care of the inventory of so many things. From costumes to refreshments.

There didn't seem to be a minute to spare.

He was right, they should have gone ahead and gotten married on their trip. It didn't seem they had time to breathe, at the moment.

At least, they were engaged. And he guessed it would probably be a very long engagement. After all, she did live with her grandmother. Of course, her grandmother kept everyone on their toes.

Now, everything was rush rush rush. He so hoped this production of the RED QUEEN worked. He thought he'd found the right cast. Everything seemed to be in sync. Of course, there was play practice every night. Even building the sets was quite an undertaking.

Honestly, he hadn't even thought of one little secret that Suzanne wanted him to keep.

Suzanne had found her biological brother Micah.

At first, Roman felt a little offended that she didn't tell him sooner, but Roman met him too. And he felt so happy yet sad for her, too. He was certain this was her one chance to meet her little brother.
But now he was coming here in September.

He hoped too much didn't change by then. Roman thrived at the theater, even if he was so tired. This was the life he wanted with Suzanne.


Launna said...

How nice for Suzanne... It's nice that she and Roman are close ....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm excited for Suzanne!