Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keeping in touch

keeping in touch

"What? You, moved here?" Irma was ever so shocked to see her old neighbor from Kansas City. Josh was with his wife at the mega grocery store where Irma worked.

He was all grins, who held his baby girl. Of course, his wife looked at Irma a little suspicious. Irma had to come around the counter and see the baby.

"She's so cute!" Irma went on to say. "Tina, right?" Irma shook her hand.

Tina's grip was firm. Irma hoped Tina would realize she was only Josh's friend.

"Josh is like a big brother, I never had." Irma told her. Still Tina was stoic as if she didn't give a damn who Irma was.

"So have you found out, if its a girl or a boy?" Josh asked about Irma's baby bum, then.

"A boy." Irma pressed her hands on the stomach. "Boys are rampant in Jung's family."

"Great." Josh's smile was open.

Irma did wonder what Josh saw in this very straight lipped young woman. Irma knew they'd grown up together. But they could have been more like siblings, than a young married couple.

"We'll have to get together." Irma offered.

"Oh." Josh looked at her blankly. "I..I forgot to tell you. I should have called, you right away..but..but your mother stopped by our old place, back in K.C. She's looking for you."

"What?" When had her mother ever came looking for her? Irma winced. "What did you say?"

"I just said, you moved." Josh left it at that. Irma hoped her mother didn't know she'd moved to Omaha.


Launna said...

That's interesting about Irma's feelings on her mother... as for Tina, she needs to stop being so jealous, it is not a good trait...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wonder why Irma's mother is looking for her. :/


FashionJazz said...

I so need to catch up on the story, its been too long, hope you doing well :)