Friday, August 19, 2016

its a party

it's a party

"I thought we were never ever going to do this, again." Mae tilted her head as she watched the strobe light already in full throttle, from Samantha and Sky's apartment. Music was pumping, as if it was a warning for the police to come by. "What is she doing?" She looked to Ben. They still hadn't gone into the apartment.

"I have no idea." He hesitated.

She knew he was being honest. She sighed, but he took her hand before she could go back to the car. After all, they were parked, practically a block, away.

She sighed once more.

Caden was at his grandparents. She could think of lots of things they could be doing about now. Even bowling, sounded good to her, and she was the queen of the gutter ball. She gritted.

"Quit doing that." Ben told her. "You'll lose your teeth that way."

Mae still fretted. How on earth did they get invited to this party? Oh yeah, she bet Samantha didn't have that many friends, after all.

So they went in and were soon met with finger foods. Mae ate like she'd starved herself for this party.

She looked around, of course, the guy who Samantha worked for was not there. He was some indie pop star, perhaps. There were a few faces, she didn't know. Maybe they were wanna be rockstars. She had no idea.

And then out of no where, this guy hugs Ben.

"Hey, man! What are you doing here?" He was shorter than Ben, yet there was something oddly familiar about him, even if he was the sharpest dressed guy here.

"Uh." Ben looked overwhelmed.

Mae knew she better take care this before the guy thought he was a total idiot.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wonder who he is.


Launna said...

My interest in piqued about this guy ...