Monday, August 22, 2016

Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together

What was Samantha thinking? Having another party. The last one with the library crew was almost disastrous. Almost.

She barely had enough money to cover the cost of food and drink, and she knew how some, like Mae, looked down on her cheap spread aka..a buffet, of cheese, crackers and grapes.

But she had to do it. After all, she worked for a record company. And she was so much more than receptionist. She was a backup singer now. And..and..well, she had to do something.

She gritted a smile, thinking no one would ever think, she was a bad person. She wasn't bad, was she?

She sighed, feeling her heart skip a beat when she realized Connor was here.


She wanted to close her eyes and make him disappear. But even then, in her heart..she knew she couldn't.

She was a little jittery now.

Something happened between them over the summer.

Honestly, she felt sorry for him when he showed up at the recording studio, late that night.

Oh, she'd tried to be that big sister she was suppose to be. Trying to console him. It was good intentions. Honestly, it was.

He'd found out some information about his ex, that left him torn. Although, she wasn't sure she exactly got the jest of it. Evidently, this Bree was terribly awful.

But she'd listened. He even cried real tears. She guessed that's what got to her the most.

Sky was way too calloused to let his real feelings show. Maybe that's why it had happened.

How could she blame Sky for her actions?

It left her so blue, sometimes. Sam didn't know what she was really doing with her life these days.

However, it was hard to ignore Conor now. After all, he was her teenage lover.


Launna said...

I think we all make choices we aren't happy with later but we learn from those and Samantha will too ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Samantha is definitely on the path to destruction right now. :/