Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Don't keep me waiting

Don't Keep ME waiting

It was kind of like an escape.

Hannah knew if her brothers found out, they'd practically drag her home in handcuffs.

Yes, she knew she was a little different. And to hear her mother tell it, she must have been a super retard.

1. Her mother collapsed while she was cleaning house during the last month she was pregnant with Hannah. She'd mixed Clorox and Lisal together. (of course, Hannah wondered who the real stupid one was, for doing that)
2. Hannah was born two weeks early. And had been special, ever since.

OK. at least it got her out of having to do the daily ritual of breakfast and dinner. Yes, there were some things she remained ignorant about.

But she'd learned a lot things on her own, too. She could read by the time she was four. Still, she'd felt as if she'd been held hostage, most of her life.

She never left the house. It was for her own protection, according to her oldest brother, Emmett. Their father had left him lots of instructions, about her evidently. And she'd let it slide. She never meant to be anyone's problem. But she was her brothers' problem after their parents past away. And life at a funeral home could be very depressing.

Over time, she'd made the most of it, as a makeup artist. Maybe.

She at least had her laptop and phone and she'd found her own niche on the Internet. There were friends she'd never see. She was used to this fact. After all, they'd find her dumb in reality.

Maybe, that's why she stood Stu up.

She'd never had a boyfriend before. She guessed he was her boyfriend.

Now she paced the isle of the COME AND GO convenient store. A little restless. She was not a night creature, nor used to being on her own.

She winced with worry, wondering what he'd make of her. After all, her smart phone was her only friend. Everyone, would know soon enough she was too smart for her own good, or just dumb like they always told her.

She heard a meow on her phone that was in her bag. She reached for it. JUSTASMALLTOWNGIRL texted her.

'Is he there yet?'

Hannah didn't want to answer it. Even the text gave her a slight heart failure.

She was now thinking it must be true. She did have a weak heart.

Hannah knew now, she needed to sneak back, in her bedroom window before Emmett or Ellis realized she was gone. She looked at the time on her phone. It was only 10 p.m.

She looked to the door. There he was. He was here in the flesh.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope she's not in over her head.


Launna said...

I hope this goes well for her, it sounds like she needs something good ...