Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Here we are

Here WE are

Stu felt kind of bad, leaving the party so suddenly. He'd finally found his long lost friend Ben, and then Hannah called him, out of the blue.

"I didn't think you wanted me to talk to you?" He'd winced then. Usually, they texted. He'd seen some ancient photo of her from kindergarten. Who knew what that meant now?

But, she wanted to meet him at the COME AND GO.

"Which one?" His eyes lit when he got in the car and could talk to her more.

"I dunno." She did sound like a little kid to him. Stu rolled his eyes, as if this was a hopeless case. "Just a sec."

She gave him the address. It wasn't all that far. He zipped through a red light or two in his little yellow compact MINI Cooper. Finally, he landed a parking spot near the entrance of the convenience store.

Immediately, he looked around, hoping to spot her. He then noticed the girl in a winter coat with two Slurpees.

"Look, what they have?" She grinned and handed him one. She told him she tasted the green one first, and thought he might like it.

Stu sighed, as he took the frozen drink.

"Sorry about, before." Oh, she was innocent enough, he guessed. Still, what was up with the coat? "Lets get out of here." Her voice was so tiny. But her smile was irresistibly cute.

Stu nodded. Lost for words. She followed him out.

"This your car?" She sipped her drink and told him she liked yellow.

He nodded again, and opened the door for her. She thanked him.

Stu sighed.

Yes, he was glad she was happy to see him, Now what?


Launna said...

Awe... I hope it goes well for the two of them ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I am interested to see where things will go from here.