Thursday, August 25, 2016

somewhere near the end, the middle or maybe the beginning

somewhere near the end, the middle or maybe the beginning

What else could Macy do? She looked at the time on the wall, then looked back at her phone, realizing she could have looked at her phone to see the time.

Seriously, what was wrong with her?

Oh yeah, I'm pregnant! She practically wanted to scream out loud in the basement, but she was keeping this to herself. Still. She hadn't gotten the urge to do anything.

Besides, it was sweet, this little romance thing Hannah had going with Stu.

She'd met Hannah ages ago on Polyvore, it wasn't until she came home from England that she'd figured out they lived in the same town.

That was quite a surprise. Actually, Hannah had been the first to like any of Macy's art stuff, while Hannah was a fashionista. They didn't have that much in common, Macy guessed, but as the weeks grew to months and was that Macy told Hannah everything.

Hannah knew about her first real boyfriend Gage. Then Macy told her, her feelings for Dustin. And Hannah was with her through text, on her journey to England. But she hadn't told Hannah about Maxie.

Macy was certain what anyone would think.

1. Maxie is a mean a s s h o l e.
2. Why would you let him talk to you, that way?
3. You need to leave that guy before its too late.

Evidently, it was too late.

Macy winced at the idea of even discussing Maxie with her friends.

But this..this with Hannah and her online boyfriend was like a breath of fresh air.

She waited for a text. Finally, the screen went to sleep and Macy was sure she should be asleep, too.

Funny, she felt wide awake now, in her old gray tank and yoga pants. She had an urge for chocolate chip cookies, but she couldn't decide if it was her or the baby who wanted the cookies, so bad.

So she put down the phone and went into a crazy dance of exercise, as if that would stop the hunger. She waved her hands in a shake of some sort. Certainly, anyone would wonder just what sort of dance she was doing. It was as if she could shake the fat off.

A sudden thought of Smed stopped her, in her tracks. What would he think... if he saw me? Right now?

Probably, not much, she decided. It was true, she needed to stop thinking about him because she really doubted he was thinking of her. If he was, he would have called or texted by now..and he hadn't.

She plopped down on her bed. Instantly, the tears emerged. Her nose was stuffy. Before she knew it, she was breathing through her mouth. What about the baby? The baby.

She lifted herself, up on her arms and took a deep breath.

What if there was no baby at all?

She laid her head back on the bed, once more and stared at the ceiling.

Her nose was no longer congested, as if some small miracle had happened. Maybe so.

Finally a list formed in her mind.

1. Make an appoint.
2. Call Maxie.
3. Talk to Charlie.
4. Talk to Hannah.

Come to think of it, she'd never heard Hannah's voice. Did she really exist? Or was someone just making her up?


Launna said...

Macy needs to talk with someone... something is going on...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy's in quite a state.