Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This life

This Life

"Oh, Mom."  Ducky squinted hard. "You're just making problems, when there aren't any."

He didn't want to listen to this anymore. After all, his honeymoon with Xander was almost over. He didn't want to hear about his brother Jamie and some Japanese girl. "Chill. Will you?" He clicked off the smart phone without a second thought. He didn't think she was one of those mothers in a Korean Drama, but she could be.

"We really need to find her someone." Ducky looked at Xander who was taking it easy in the sun by the pool.

They'd made it to the beach a couple of times, but truth be told, they'd rather be pool side. Maybe they were just lazy.

"Don't say that." Xander cracked a smile. "Let her worry about Jamie."

Ducky only chuckled and let Xander bring him down to his side. Before he knew it, Xander was pulling him into the water.

It was great, getting to know this side of Xander. It felt golden and pure. The way true happiness was suppose to be.

It was more than what he'd hoped for.

But how would it be, once they returned home?

Sure, it would be their own home. Ducky didn't want to count the days until life would really change.

Could he actually let Joey move in with them?

Ducky gritted a smile. What had he been thinking?

Oh, he wanted to make Xander happy.

He sighed. Almost gulping chlorine water, but of course, Xander saved him.


Launna said...

I like seeing how well Ducky and Xander are doing... they are good for each other ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love Ducky and Xander together!