Thursday, September 1, 2016

a little delimma

a little problem

Ellis was at his wits end when Hannah turned up missing.

Where would she go?

Emmett was just as devastated. They'd kept a close watch over their sister from the day she was born. After all, their mother always wanted a daughter.

"We'll call 911." It was Emmett who reached for his cell first.

"Wait." Ellis knew his father had never ever called the cops for anything. He would be upset if he knew. But then again, their parents passed away a few years ago. His dad, who Ellis had always imagined fit, on a steady diet of seaweed soup and soybean, died of a heart-attack and not long after, their mother must have died of a broken heart. They were old when they started a family, anyway. He guessed now.

Yes, he was filled with grief. He'd let them both down.

"Check her room." Emmett told his brother. Maybe, they'd find something. Of course, Emmett was in a rage of some kind as he spilled clothes on the floor and her other little keepsakes of kitten figurines and Disney memorabilia.

Ellis wasn't too happy with Emmett's tactic.

"Do you hate her that much?" He went to put her things back in her dresser.

"What!" Emmett's stern face was perhaps stone. "She's my sister!"

Ellis only sighed and plopped himself in front of the laptop. If they wanted to find out anything about their sister, it would be right here.

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Launna said...

I understand their worry but they really need to give her time to come home... she probably should have told them she was going out ...