Friday, August 12, 2016

those everyday woes

those everyday woes

"You're not mad at me, are you?" Henry finally got up the nerve to ask Josie. As it was, they were always busy with the baby.  Josie only smiled and gave him a hug at the diningroom table.

When they filled out all the paperwork for help with the baby's care and needs, they found out they were making too much money.

Maybe that's when Henry about lost it. And it wouldn't help any, if they were actually married. That's when he started in about how awful the government was, about how they didn't really care about families.

It was a downer and didn't help their outlook much. They fussed about the wedding then. Henry's mom had found a location in the nearby park for the perfect September wedding. And Josie couldn't tell him she needed to lose more weight. She was fine. It was final. Still, there was a lot to worry about.

Finally...his dad came through, he'd set up an account with some money to at least get them through child care for the next three months.

"But you'll have to start putting money in to the account, if you want this to work." His father told  Henry, who wondered if there was anymore to save.

"You're making yourself nervous." Josie sighed now, about the whole ordeal of baby care. "I'll find a better job."

"But..but how?"

"I dunno." She shrugged as if she wasn't that worried, yet he knew she was.

Henry thought of all the places he didn't want her to work. Every place had some sort of worry.

It was true, a lot of bad stuff was happening in the world. There were all sorts of strange folks who came to use the computer lab where he worked. Some reeked of body odor. And those people from the Halfway house puzzled Henry the most. They were practically walking time bombs. Even Vada was friends with one of them.

Henry knew something awful might happen at the library.

"Just stay at the coffee shop, right now." Henry sighed. Josie would be within walking distance from the University Daycare. If she was going to be an Early Childhood Development major like she said, there was a discount, even if it wasn't much of one. Every little bit helped.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope they can make ends meet.


Launna said...

I adore Josie and Henry... I love how he worries about her and wants to make sure she is okay... it is odd that they apparently make too much money though... child care is super expensive ...