Thursday, August 11, 2016

coming home

coming home

No one ever noticed, but Jamie wasn't all that fond of his brother.

For one thing, he hated being in his shadow. Jamie would always be the little brother.

As he sat buckled in on his flight, he really thought how angry he truly was with Duck. Jamie didn't even want to talk to him. After all, he'd taken their mother away from Jamie.

True, Jamie talked to her everyday on the phone, but it wasn't like they were really together. He tried not to be mad, because he knew his mother didn't want him to be mad.

After all, he'd hardly have to see Ducky, at all. He'd be off on his honeymoon and then, in his own house.

Jamie would think about getting his Mom and Dad back together.

He thought about this for a good long while. Other people on his flight hated the delays and waiting on the plane, but Jamie was happy as could be. Wondering what he could do, to get them back together.

It would probably have to be dramatic. Something like a Shakespeare plot, perhaps. He knew his brother would hate it, while it delighted Jamie even more. If only he knew how to get his father to start thinking about Mom, again.

His Dad did have quite a workload at the hospital. It would take some scheming. And then...he'd have his parents all to himself.

"Aren't you a little old, to be thinking like that?" An old voice woke him from his deep thoughts.

He looked over at the old grey ghostly woman. Had she been reading his mind?

"A fine young man, like you, should be thinking about your future, not your family's past." The robust black woman could have been angel of some kind, but he knew he didn't need saving today.

Jamie swelled a frown.

She gave him the eye. He'd best be happy for his brother.

"You, should find your own happiness." She told him. "Don't you go thinking about attempting anything, it could do you in."

She'd given him a slight fright, just as the bumpy turbulence set in for the last thirty minutes of the flight.


Launna said...

I think Jamie should ponder what the lady is telling him...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Jamie takes her advice!