Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A lot to wonder

a lot to wonder

Finally...some one to talk too, at work.

It was exciting to find the only person who really could talk with her hands worked with dead people.

Jung notices that Ellis did know how to sign, even if he always gave Jung the cold shoulder. He conversed with his sister quite regularly, who was an artist of some kind, especially with makeup.

Her name was Hannah and no one ever saw her in the public eye. Jung didn't get it. She was quite a mystery, and at first he wasn't certain if he should be around her. Yes, she was a beautiful mystery.

When it was the two of them, she wanted to know everything about him.

He told her about Irma and the baby. She was all smiles about all the possibilities of his young family. She even said she envied him.

But there was work to be done. Faces to paint.

She did it with such style as if she'd talked to them and knew exactly what they wanted. Yes, if anyone could talk to ghost it would have to be Hannah. Although, she never acted as if she had it all together when her brothers were around.

Oddly, he wondered if they were holding her hostage.

She could be so animated with him, and then she wasn't. It was strange at the funeral home, but he liked being behind the scenes with Hannah. Jung knew he had no business being out there, consoling people. He didn't know how. It was something he couldn't fake, even if Irma kept telling him he was the perfect actor.

"Everyone loves you." Irma's favorite line. He didn't quite believe it. Still, he did like being Hannah's friend. At least he didn't dread work so much, anymore.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Hannah is a woman of mystery.


Launna said...

I think Jung understands Hannah...