Saturday, September 24, 2016

Before the thunder came

before the thunder

All this, at the hospital was giving Macy a headache.

Now, she knew..why she hadn't came sooner. Insurance.

Now her mother would know.  Why did it have to be this way?

"Well, I'm..I just don't have any?" She told the nurse who already had a lot of information on her. Still, they got her ready for a sonogram. She needed a complete checkup.

Draco was being quiet. Not sullen. Not anything. She knew she shouldn't count on him. She didn't want too.

But he came in, to watch the sonogram. Yes, maybe he was here for her.

"You'll be 18, next month." The nurse noticed.

"Oh." Macy nodded. She hadn't thought about her birthday. She remembered a time when she thought she'd never be sixteen. Now, everything was moving so fast.

Of course, it felt like an eternity, waiting for the show to start. Maybe, there was no baby. A big false alarm.

She sucked in a breath. In spite of crossed fingers..there it was, so tiny.

And the heart-beat. It shook Macy to her weary bones. She was sure her mother would bust through the door, any second.

But there was no drama. No real horror. Except, she was a lot farther along than she thought she was.

"Four months!" She thought she screamed, but evidently she didn't. She could hardly catch her breath.

She winced hard thinking how she was going to get rid of it. She was. She...

"You, better get changed." Draco just said as if  the show was over. It was time to go home.

Before she could go, she got a huge bottle of vitamins. After all, everything looked healthy, but her state of mind.

"So are you going to tell me, or..." Draco started on the walk to the car. He took a step ahead, then turned back. "You, don't have too."

"I do." She said as if that little sentence was the key to everything.

But she felt dizzy.  He grabbed her hand.

Soon enough, they went around the corner to the diner that closed in an hour.

"We just want burgers and..and milk." He ordered quickly. "You, really are full of surprises, Macy."

He looked at her with a faint smile. All she could give him was a sad smile.

This was really going to be hell to pay.

"Do you want me to call your Dad?" He then asked.

She looked at him blankly. Macy never thought about talking to her Dad.


Launna said...

Macy needs to stop denying it and dealing with it head on now...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Macy would just accept her current situation and stop trying to ignore it away. :/