Sunday, September 25, 2016

only a start

only a start

It was a nice homecoming. Seriously, Xander hadn't thought so many would be waiting for the two of them at home. But there was Josie and Henry, along with his brother and Bree and his step-mom showed up, too.

Ducky's mother had been taking care of Dakota, who was already moved in.

"Still, I can't thank you, enough." Xander assured her. He knew it wasn't easy for her to stay with the four year old, at Ducky and Xander's new home.

Before they could get settled to dinner, Joey's counselor showed up.

Xander wasn't sure he was quite ready for so many questions from her. He wanted to know how Joey was doing. Instead, he felt as if it were the third degree about their living conditions.

She wanted to make sure Joey wouldn't be living in the basement.

Xander could see by Ducky's dazed look that he really wasn't so sure about this.

"Of course..not." Xander told her and took her straight to Joey's room. He and Ducky's mom made sure Joey would have everything he needed. There was a desk and a full sized bed.

"Can he have a laptop, or not?" Xander wanted to know. He didn't ever remember Joey having one, but there was a small flat screen TV.

"Its up to him." She shrugged. "Just..just make sure he's getting plenty of family time. I don't think its a good idea for him to shut himself up. He needs to get back to life. Life with his daughter."

Xander promised that was his number one goal.  He hoped it would be Joey's goal, too.

"But, but does he know?" Xander knew Joey might hate the idea of being here. He gritted a smile. Xander hoped he wasn't asking for too much.

After all, Xander knew none of this would be possible, if it weren't for Ducky. Still, it felt a little unsettling. Maybe he was asking for trouble. If only Joey could fit into the puzzle.

Xander wouldn't ask if Joey had put his invisible friend in the past. It was best to move forward. At least, Joey was working.

He hoped this house could be a home for Joey.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Joey finds happiness.


Launna said...

I think it is nice that Ducky and Xander are helping Joey ...