Saturday, September 3, 2016

its just family

its just family

"What are you going to do?" Ellis looked at his brother Emmett who was on the computer.

"I dunno. She is over 21." Emmett sighed heavily.

"But she's helpless." Ellis always thought so.

"We need her." Emmett was matter of fact. There was no one but their sister who could put the finishing touches on a body, ready for burial.

Ellis twisted and turned, hugging himself. How could this have happened?

"We'll, find someone." Emmett got off the computer and went to pick up his phone.

Ellis winced hard. This was not like his brother. Sometimes, he thought his brother could be the devil. Especially, the way he ordered everyone about. Somehow, he was starting to envy his baby sister. She'd somehow escaped. Here, he was always having to do whatever his older brother told him to do.

Honestly, he'd never had his own dream in life. Instead, he plodded along as if he was suppose to do what someone told him to do. Ellis remained straight lipped.

He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a real conversation with his sister. He couldn't say if he knew her favorite color. He knew she preferred cold cereal over seaweed soup. But just like him, she usually kept to herself. Why couldn't she keep to herself...HERE?

Ellis thought he might be sick to his stomach. There had never been anything so bad to happen at home, that he could remember.

Suddenly, he felt a chill. If he did find his sister, he wasn't sure what he'd even say to her. Maybe he didn't have the life he thought he had.

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Launna said...

Ellis and Emmett need to let their sister have her own life...