Sunday, September 4, 2016

it's a new year

Its a new year

Brick was sure of one thing, he would go where ever Rosie went. They were at the same school.

He jumped around in a dance when he found out the day before school started. Actually, the dance didn't commence until he was in the privacy of his own room. Naturally, his Aunt Brit came knocking, wondering what kind of exercise he was up too.

He didn't want anything to throw him a curve this year. And then he got Mr. Mayberry as a teacher. He'd never had a male teacher before. To Brick's surprise, Mr. Mayberry really made learning fun.

Mr. Mayberry wasn't like other teachers. He smiled and he was so animated. Honestly, Brick never knew what Mr. Mayberry might do next.

Like the time Mr. Mayberry jumped on top of his desk, like Peter Pan, and looked down at all of them as if he might be an evil pirate.

"Oh, did I scare you?" He smiled. Everyone looked at him in shock. "Pay attention. I don't want you to miss a thing."

He was a good storyteller. Honestly, he was a one man act, and expected everyone to give maybe more than a 100%. Before Brick knew it, he was getting his homework in on time. He was even reading when no one told him he should be reading.

Now, if only Rosie was in his grade. She was in a grade ahead of him. Still, he walked to school with her every morning. They walked home together, too. Honestly, he couldn't ask for more.

Brick felt as if he really had a home. He loved having his uncles with him and, of course, his nephew Theo. This was right where he wanted to be. Brick didn't feel guilty at all about not thinking of his own father's whereabouts. He didn't even care where his mother lived.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Brick can find it within himself to forgive his parents.


Launna said...

I think Brick needs to understand that his parents are not perfect... it's something we learn when we are older...