Monday, September 5, 2016

the bright spots

The bright spots

Dewey thought he'd gotten off to a great start at school. Somehow, he'd gotten on the football team.

He guessed he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Angie's encouragement. She'd started in on the whole process back in July. Here he was, after lots of sweat and long days of practice, on the starting lineup.

Of course, he hadn't told his mother about it. He knew she'd nix the entire thing. Naturally, she'd say she didn't want him to get hurt, but he knew deep down, it all had to amount to the cost of it. That was why he never went out for sports.

But now he was one of those guys, and Angie might not have been a cheerleader, but she was in his heart.

Even after, he and Angie went to her last performance a the little theater, he still couldn't bring himself to tell his mom the news.

After all, it didn't set well with him when she introduced the fellow who played her son in the play as "The son I never had."

He'd only looked at her blankly. What was she trying to say?

It didn't matter, His sister Britney and her husband were there to cheer him on, along with Angie and his nephew Brick. It was a great start to fall, he kept reminding himself.

Still, his mom was just a little chummy with this fellow she was acting with. He'd never seen her smile so much. Did she have a thing for this guy who had to at least be 20 years younger than her? He did look down right youthful.

Sure, Dewey wanted his mother to meet someone, but someone her own age.

He tried not to worry about it, but he felt certain now he always worried much more about her than she would ever think about him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Clearly Dewey is the parent in this relationship. :/


Launna said...

It's not easy when we realize our parents are human...