Tuesday, September 6, 2016

getting it together

getting it together

Irwin was in need of someone to talk too. A part oh him wondered why he'd waited so long. Well, Gordy did have a life.

They'd met at an in-service workshop when they started teaching last year. Actually, he'd found Gordy kind of funny, in a good way. He was easy going, said he was a drama major at one time. He was actually close to being a professor with all the papers he'd wrote in the day, back at the University, but he'd settled on Fifth graders.

"This group hasn't sank into social media yet. Although, a few are worried about their Pokemon Go strategies these days," Gordy said about his new class. He looked eager to educate them, find them good books to read.

Irwin only nodded, he never knew his class like Gordy did. Of course, he hadn't asked Gordy to lunch to talk about school. In fact, he wasn't sure he could even bring up Tiffany.

"So were you busy this summer?" For the first time, Gordy didn't take any summer classes. "I was in a play." He smiled as if he'd found satisfaction in what he loved the most, acting.

Irwin only nodded. How could Gordy be so happy go lucky?

"Oh, I was busy, but not with school or anything. I..I have a girlfriend now." He nodded, thinking of his routine with Tiffany. Honestly, it was hard trying to find ways to satisfy her. And he did feel a little sad about it. "Its..just..I dunno where it's going." He mentioned how he did like having his own space. "Maybe..maybe its run, its course." He thought he should keep his wits about him now. Just have thoughts of teaching.

"Maybe, you haven't showed her the real you, yet." Gordy shrugged as he took the cheese off his burrito. "Stop fussing about where you'll go and how much its all going to cost. Just, enjoy each other's company."

Irwin felt troubled. He was certain Tiffany wouldn't like the real Irwin. After all, he was really quite boring.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just wish Irwin would be himself - Tiffany will still like him.


Launna said...

I think Irwin needs to give Tiffany a chance or he'll never really be happy...