Wednesday, September 7, 2016

a couple like us

a couple like us

Omaha guessed he was getting used to this whole situation with Sheena.

He still lived at Taylor and Sara's. Evidently, the wedding plans was moving along. Although, he did his best to stay out of it. Especially, any argument they might have. And those two did argue a lot.

"Honestly, I don't even know why they're together." He told Sheena one day at lunch.

"Maybe that's the way they show they love each other." She bit into her apple.

Omaha cracked up, shook his head.

"What?" She was serious. They sat near the man made river at the park, near the building where they worked.

"Oh. I dunno." He nodded, thinking he did love Sheena, but he didn't want to argue about it. True, there were some things they left to the imagination. Like her mother. He hadn't even seen a picture of her. Of course, he wasn't thinking of taking a trip to the Rez and expose her to all those distant cousins of his. No, some things were better left alone.

"You and Taylor still talk?" She asked.

He nodded with a sigh. It wasn't like it used to be.

After all, Sara had seen him in his underwear when his pants were drying. Something, Omaha definitely would never bring up, to anyone.

Yes, it was as awkward as it ever was, living with those two, but he still managed to eat dinner with them, occasionally. He made a point of not bothering them on the weekend. A good reason to be around Sheena.

Only, he didn't know if that was exactly going anywhere. They usually vegged on the couch at her place watching Netflix.

It was hard to say if they were a real couple. He was still taking his time on that hurdle. Thankfully, Taylor hadn't asked anymore.

But ever so often, Taylor liked to bring up Emily(someone Omaha knew years ago). Omaha thought of his time with her was more of an experiment than anything. He'd only stayed with her to see where it might go. Yes, it was truly a learning experience. Maybe it was only physical. Omaha didn't want that to be all it would be with Sheena. No, this was something he wanted to go the distance with. Emily's love or was that lust.. was like a big Slurpee from the Come and Go. It was cheap. Sweet and didn't really last all that long.

For the life of him, Omaha didn't know why Taylor wanted to know about her.

Omaha studied the empty sky now, on a very crisp September day. He steadied his eyes on the little cloud, all by it's lonesome.

Suddenly, it occurred to Omaha that Taylor must have liked Emily, too.

He chuckled then.

"What's so funny?" Sheena wanted to know.

"Oh, its not all that funny." He then said.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The makings of a love triangle, perhaps?


Launna said...

I hope Omaha works through his feelings for Sheena... and lets the past stay past ...