Thursday, September 8, 2016

what does a mother know

what does a mother know

"So has anything happened?" Of course, Sheena's mom had to be nosy. As of yet, Sheena hadn't even let her mother see a photo of her boyfriend.

Sheena practically looked at her sideways while her mother made tea in her little kitchen of her cozy home. It was her mom and cats. Lots of cats.

Sheena looked around. Not a trace of cat hair, anywhere. And all those crochet throws. How did her mother do it?

"What are you talking about?" Sheena winced, hoping not to doubt her single mother.

"Sex? Of course." Her mother didn't budge on the question.

Sheena only sighed, and hugged herself as if she'd never let her mom know. Sheena was still a virgin.

"I'd rather not say. We're fine." Sheena would remain mute.

"Why doesn't he move in?" Her mother wanted to know as she handed her the mug of tea.

"What are you asking?" Sheena looked at her with disgust. "Any other mom, would want to know, when are you getting married."

"You, don't want to get married." She shook her head, no. Her mother said it was better to live together. "Believe me, divorce is hard."

Of course, all of this had happened to her mother long before Sheena was ever born. She'd heard this story before.

"I'm not you." Sheena snapped. "I think I want to marry him. I just think we should wait."

Sheena's mother, Sandra nodded as if she would say no more. She went to get the short bread cookies, Sheena's favorite. It was time to talk about her mother's cats, Burt and Ernie were always her favorites to start with.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Sheena makes her own decision and doesn't let her mother's bad experiences change her mind about marriage.


Launna said...

Sheena's mother can't live her life... she had to make her own decisions ...