Wednesday, September 28, 2016

just saying

just saying

"Are your parents splitting up?" Will knew he shouldn't ask, but he was awkward that way. Although, as of late he felt himself change. Grow up, perhaps. It felt like nothing fit the way it used too. Still, Will knew he would always be a bump on a log, for the most part.

But people were looking at him, differently. At his height.  His stature. Even the coaches wanted him to try out for football, but he'd never cared much for the sport. He thought it was the most boring game ever. It was like you were waiting to get hurt.

Still, Gabby treated him like she always did. They still talked. Texting, to be exact. Although, she found her evening job at the recording studio most rewarding. Will shelved books at the library.

"Technically, they are not my parents." She fumed.

"But..but you'd like them to be." Will thought, anyway.

She only sighed as if she couldn't be close enough to him on the couch.

"This, all has to do with Macy." The drama in her voice only made Will crack up.

"You, aren't worried, are you?" He knew she would be, but she'd never say. After all this time, he pretty much had her figured out. She wanted to be so cool. Still, he could detect the little girl she used to be, who loved to be creative in the mess of things.

"Of course not."

Will looked at her indifferent. He went back to watching the old TV show, but she put his arm around her, as if all she needed was him.

"I think you need a cat." He then said. "Or a dog."

"What?" She pulled away and looked at him, almost in a pout.

"Just saying." He smiled, looked her in the eye. "You, want everyone to take care of you. Maybe you need to take care of something, too."