Tuesday, September 27, 2016

small talk

small talk

"Ric, you didn't need to bring Gabby all this way. We could have picked her up." Easy told him while the coffee dripped for a fresh pot of late night coffee.

Clare looked for the last of the Girl Scout cookies. It was a small offering, but she doubted Ric came to eat.

Gabby was already watching TV with Will.

"I needed..I needed someone to talk too." Ric looked at both of them as if needed to be here. "I..I hope we survive this." He told them about Macy's pregnancy.

Clare gathered that Ric was happy about it, although, he couldn't show it.

"I should have gotten on a plane a long time ago and just got her. I mean, how..how did we just let..let her stay in England for so long?" He sounded as if it didn't seem real, yet he'd been the culprit to let it happen.

"Hey, a girl can get pregnant anywhere." Clare cracked a smile, but Easy looked over at her as if  it wasn't very funny.

Oh, how she needed a cigarette, but she sighed instead and went straight to the black coffee.

"Maybe..maybe if..if Gabby could stay with you guys, a few days." Ric didn't touch his coffee, but hugged himself, instead.

Easy nodded.

"We love having her here."  Clare smiled.

"What I need to do, is..is find out what my daughter wants to do." Ric was even lipped. He looked as if this might be harder to do, than any battle field he ran through when he was in the military.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ric is a good guy. I hope things work themselves out for all of their sake.