Tuesday, September 13, 2016

on the verge

on the verge

Holly was waiting for Dusty to get out of class, she was waiting in line for coffee. It was there... she noticed someone at the counter. She'd know that face anywhere. Still there was something odd about her. As if she'd put on weight, perhaps.

Well, she wasn't exactly fat, Holly decided. Still, Holly couldn't help but stare at Dusty's long lost love.

"You're Macy, aren't you?" Holly asked immediately before the girl could take her order.

The girl looked at her stunned.

Holly was quick to say she wanted two FLAT WHITES. Still the girl looked at her as if she might throw up on her.

"I know, you do those here. Most places don't. But the guy in the back, knows what he's doing." Holly looked at Macy straight on, who looked back, to see if there was anyone in the kitchen could take the special order.

Finally Macy nodded.

"You're Dustin's friend." Holly knew.

"Right." Macy was ever so calm, and then she winced. "But..but...how?"

"I met him over the summer. He's here you know, going to the Uni." She smiled as she went to wait for the coffee.

Macy did have those doe-like eyes, as if she was ready to be shot.

"See ya... around." Holly grinned with a wave. She knew Macy didn't really have time to chat, there was and endless amount of students who needed their coffee fix.


Launna said...

Holly certainly unnerved Macy ..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy seems to be in quite the predicament.