Thursday, October 20, 2016

a real zoo

a real zoo

All this walking around the zoo was making Omaha restless. He didn't remember it being that far to the polar bears. It had been ages since he'd been to the zoo. And there had been some changes. Like the gorilla house.

He remembered the old place. It was a bit gross. He knew if he'd been a gorilla, he wouldn't have wanted to live there. But the new place was roomy with indoor and outdoor places for the gorillas to go. And of course, the window of opportunity to get a selfie with a gorilla. Priceless. He supposed.

He continued to hold Sheena's hand, they went around another corner, just to find some new project being built.

And then he noticed someone, out of the ordinary. His cousin Blackie.

Blackie was wearing some zoo uniform. Before Omaha could take a closer look at this stranger he hadn't seen in forever, Blackie pointed to him.

"Oh wow, what are you doing here?" His smile was open.

"No..what are you doing here?" Omaha looked at him blankly.

"Why? I work here." Blackie told him, and then asked who he was with.

"She's my girlfriend." Omaha shrugged as he barely introduced her.

"You, are so far behind, cus." Blackie chuckled. "I'm married, you know."

"Married?" Omaha winced hard. Honestly, he felt sorry for the girl, already. "Who'd marry you?" After all, Blackie was the cousin who dabbled in roosters and of course, bird fighting.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wonder if Blackie has changed since the days Omaha knew him.


Liza said...

Oh WOW! A new character!