Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just you and me

Just You and Me

"He was just being..kind of strange." Sheena winced as she and Omaha approached the  Aquarium at the zoo. It was after five. The zoo wasn't that far from where they worked, and she'd always wanted to go, but never got around to it.

"How strange?" Omaha wanted to know why she hadn't brought up this Joey guy, earlier. "Did he do anything?"

"No." Joey did close his eyes, really tight for a moment, but she guessed that wasn't too strange. "I dunno. I think he knows me."

"How?" Omaha looked shocked as if she was part of some secret identity organization that she refused to share with him.

"That's it. I have never seen him before. Never." She would be closed lipped now. After all, the were entering the beauty of the sea world. Only, they'd have to get through the fishy penguins first.

Omaha held her hand. It was a comfort. Sheena smiled as he lead the way, around a few stray children and dads with little ones on their shoulders.

Finally, the peaceful world of under the sea. It was so relaxing. She watched the dance of so many beautiful bright creatures.

Omaha stared at the sea life with splendor, and then above them came a shark swimming by. His eyes lit.

Sheena gave in a giggle as she pressed against his shoulder. She knew he was a little claustrophobic. He wanted to go see the polar bears.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love Omaha's childlike innocence!