Tuesday, October 18, 2016

moving on

moving on

Joey didn't think they would all show up to escort him out of the building. Didn't matter, he decided he was ready to go.

At least, Corina wasn't here to ask questions about it. Joey said his good-byes already. He knew at least, where he was going.

A week or so ago at work, Xander stopped by. He treated him to lunch and they talked about the living arrangement.

Joey's mother agreed to it. She thought it was best for him not to be too dependent of her. Still, Joey wasn't sure he was enough for Dakota.

A part of him wanted to tell Xander, not to do this. He didn't need him, but when he saw Dakota was already in a pre-school and was living with Xander and his husband, Ducky..Joey's mood changed.

"We aren't adopting her." Xander assured him.

"No, you're adopting me." Joey couldn't help but say, yet he went quietly. It was better to move on with things. He didn't want to be in this half-way house forever. He couldn't remember the last time he really slept, all on his own.

Needless to say, he didn't want to be reminded he'd seen someone who looked  like his imaginary friend Chelsea. Besides, this person was different. She looked like someone from a cooperate world. That was definitely not the Chelsea he knew.

So Joey did his best to put his smile forward. Although, it hurt to smile. It really did. Except, there was Dakota. He needed to smile for her.


Liza said...

Such a pretty set. I always love to read about Xander and Ducky.. and to see where Joey's way will lead him!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Joey wouldn't feel the need to smile for others.


P.S. Apologies for not responding to your comments over the past week or so. My Internet went down on Friday, and it only just started working again {after repairs from the technician}. So glad to have it back - and to visit your blog again! :)